8 October 2015

Bonefied Classic for G2

Ulla Puggaard is the Queen of hand-drawn, black and white illustration. Be it typography, technical drawing or small sketching, Ulla is the one stop superstar.


This week her work has made a splash throughout G2, The Guardian's daily supplement. The front cover sees a skull sitting still on the page and throughout Ulla goes wild with spot illustrations and typographic work.


We wanted to share a couple of pieces with you here but, as ever, if you caught it in print you were very lucky!

6 October 2015

Stanley Chow Trumps the NY Times

The NY Times are known for their amazing covers! Always pushing the boundaries of what's possible, they are the leaders right now and all others follow.


Step forward Stanley Chow and Jamie Chung. This simplistic cover is there to highlight the big Donald Trump article by Mark Liebovich but the execution is so bold and brave.


Stanley Chow illustrated an awesome Donald Trump balloon and it was photographed by Jamie Chung. The result is so weird and wonderful - take a look!

5 October 2015

Mario Wagner's cosmetic surgery

Over the last decade cosmetic surgery has been completely normalised and is now offered on high streets up and down Europe. Though, for men it's still a minor consideration with under 7,000 men in the UK going under the knife last year,


Mario Wagner has creatively collaged a couple of gorgeous illustrations for Next, a supplement of Liberation France and their article on male plastic surgery.

5 October 2015

Why Ancient Rome Matters...

For those of us glued to Melvyn Bragg's Radio 4 show, In Our Time, Mary Beard is a bit of an academic Behemoth. For those of you on the slow train to cultural enlightenment then get the BBC Radio app on your phone and travel across town learning about all things history, scientific and cultural.


Why Ancient Rome Matters to the modern world, an article by Mary Beard on The Guardian over the weekend, really gives us a taste of how the 2 European empires are going through similar struggles - Migrants swarming into capitals, the distribution of free bread and the teen generation more interested in clubbing that anything else.


The article was illustrated by our very own history buff Richard Wilkinson! Hot off the press with his book, Historium released by Big Picture Press, Richard puts together a rather beautiful illustration full of intrigue

2 October 2015

Yellow, The Collected Book Kickstarter

52 weeks, 52 artists. The brains behind Off Life comics newspaper have come up with Yellow, your year of news told in illustration.


It looks to be a really beautiful project featuring artists like Stan Chow, Jean Jullien, Simon Spilsbury, Supermundane, Malika Favre and Hattie Stewart amongst others.


Take a look at the video and back it here! CIA favourites in amongst some genuinely great talent!

1 October 2015

Rose Blake at Rebecca Hossack Gallery

Rose Blake is both an illustrator and artist. Her work wrestles with the idea that 2 should be seen separately and her first solo show at Rebecca Hossack is an exploration into that pull.


Rose captures the busy scene of a gallery concourse showing us the lives and personalities of those who grace its depths. A child waddles room to room with their parent, school children with matching back-packs rush through the picture, lovers embrace.


The people are all digitally represented and the art on the walls is hand painted on. Illustration as art is truly celebrated and heralded.


You can see the show from 7-31 October!

1 October 2015

Shakespeare around the world

William Shakespeare is undoubtedly the greatest British playwright and, debatably, the greatest Briton to have lived ever. No one has transported so globally or been such a worldwide influence.


Last week's Guardian Review concentrated on Shakespeare's international touch. From the Globe to global and our very own Jonny Wan has put together such a stunning front cover! 


So much textural joy! If you caught this in print, you were very very lucky!  From one stone cold Ancient classic to an up and coming art leader. 

1 October 2015

Watching Friends in France with your Friends

Who doesn't like a spot of Friends? Its hard to just stop at a spot though, right? Countless Sundays have been lost with Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe...


Those of us in the UK have had Friends lined into our Netflix subscription for the best part of a year but French pals now have the chance to veg out and get their 'marathon watch' on.


Netflix France are launching the news with a big Friends festival! Stanley Chow has put together a striking visual, advertising the huge welcome. Over 4 days (15 - 19 October) you can reserve a place to head on down to Quartier Général in the 11th arrondissement of Paris!


You have to love that water in Stanley's image! Memories!

30 September 2015

A Colouring-in Fantasy

Escape to Wonderland is an extraordinarily intricate and beautiful colouring-in book full of magical line work by Good Wives and Warriors.


Published by Penguin the book is 96 pages of iconic scenes from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with plenty of the fantastical characters littered in between. Such an exquisite, perfectly sized book reads for us all to take on holiday and really relax.


Crayons at the ready, this one is for adults and children alike.

gwaw colouring-in book

29 September 2015

Captain Britain!

If you weren't already au fait with Marvel superhero Captain America, then you've surely been confronted with him over the last few years.


His 'never leave a man behind', fist crunching 'can do' sense of justice is a reduction of everything America stands for. Did you ever wonder what a British version of Cpt America would look like? Well, Marvel did him too you know.


Endowed with powers from Merlin, upholding the UK shores Captain Britain has been taken on by such comic heavyweights as Alan Moore and Alan Davis. 


Especially for Sheffield Comi-con, John Royle has put together a very awesome print of Britain's masked crusader. Take a look at his adaption!