26 September 2016

Tour of Britain

A Bath mural by the artist behind Radiohead's album covers has been updated to celebrate this year's Tour of Britain cycle race.

Stanley Donwood's mural on Walcot Street now features a menacing peloton of cyclists fiercely racing through a previously empty woodland path. The prolific Simon Spilsbury was spotted in Bath adding the riders to the large black and white mural last week, VERY NICE!

23 September 2016


So Fresh! Here is a teaser of botanical queen Charlotte Day up in action for Lush, handmade cosmetics. The perfect harmonious partnership - it looks as good as it smells! Or is it the other way around in this case? 

22 September 2016


What a squat! Simon Spilsbury and Brian Grimwood have been living a virtual world and drawing in another dimension. It's under wraps at the moment but keep your eyes over here for updates on this exciting project. Some very exciting visuals have been coming our way. More to come...



21 September 2016

King of the Jungle

It's a jungle out there! There's no denying the frantic feeling when Autumn creeps in with commissions and deadlines flying in. Matt Taylor is keeping it cool and regal, whipping out some sweet 5 colour screen prints. Grab yours now over at Black Dragon Press

20 September 2016


Phwoar! So much zest in this - our arms are reaching out for a thirst quenching spritz. Ross Crawford / Ahoy There - king of advertising design has put a powerful punch in the typographic opener for the annual AdColour awards. AdColour champions diversity and inclusion in creative industries. Check them out!

19 September 2016


Ever yearned to know more about the mystery behind Dan Mumford's luminous illustration? 'How does he cast the light?' you might ask yousrself, 'How does he achieve such flowing detail?' Well my friends, all will be revealed in a digital tablet illustration class demonstrated by the man himself as part of Design Week. Catch Dan at work on Thursday 22nd September 10am - 1 pm. 

16 September 2016

Teenage Defiance

POW! Lynnie Zulu is looking fiesty and fierce for The NY Times. This punchy illo acompanies an absorbing article on teenage behaviour; how youthful defiance might be used for good. I told you so!



15 September 2016

Ripe Pickings

We've been enjoying the wholseome taste of apples from the orchard at CIA offices, thank you Tess and family. It doesn't get any sweeter than ripe fruit that's been home grown and ready for the pickings- and you can imagine the sort of trees that surround Charlotte Day with these beautifully fresh, contemporary paintings. A pair of Pears for me please!



14 September 2016


Michael Doret is renowned for his skill in title treatments for clients such as Disney and Pixar, his designs and lettering span the world of advertising and brands alike. We feel particularly roused by this punchy typographic selection. Hats off Sir. 

13 September 2016

Take The Plunge

If you managed to get your hands on a copy of The Guardian Review yesterday, you'd have been lucky enough to see Jill Calder on the front cover, taking a metaphorical plunge into writing. Ever fancied it? Just dive on in guys!