21 November 2014

100% Silk

Chris Brown has had some of his classic woodblock print designs printed onto some rather luxurious silk scarves for The Scarf Gallery. The collection features a selection of 60s-esque designs in various colours, the hefty price tag reflective of the beautiful work by one of our most esteemed artists.

chris brown scarves

19 November 2014

A bad date

Stephen Collins was commissioned to illustrate an article in Square Meal Lifestyle magazine about the disappointments of a bad wine list. Oh the horror! The author makes the comparison between a poor wine list and a bad date. Stephen captures the awkard scene with simplicity and humor as can be expected and brings his own individual narrative to the piece.

collins squaremeal

18 November 2014


Mark Thomas has put his sublime vintage style illustration skills towards a superb piece of editorial work for the Telegraph. The article discusses the characters depicted in the film The Imitation game and their roles within the codebreaking team. A gripping story and an aptly gripping illustration that could be straight out of a spy novel from the 50's.

Mark Thomas Turing

17 November 2014

The Graduate

Matt Taylor has produced a new poster for Grey Matter of the iconic film 'The Graduate'. We think it's a match made in heaven; he's nailed the 60s film poster style and depicted the characters in his own dramatic textured style and striking contrasts of light and dark. The poster has been officially liscenced by StudioCanal.

Matt taylor graduate

14 November 2014

The Incubator Project

Simon Spilsbury has been drawing all over the walls again. When I was young I got told off for doing this, Simon seems to be making a career of it. This time he's been at the Incubator Project in Soho, his brief was to cover the wall in sketchbook-like visual ideas.

Simon Spilsbury Incubator

13 November 2014

Lots of Bits of Star

Kai and Sunny will have their first solo show in New York beginning on the 22nd November at the Jonathan LeVine gallery, famous for championing the careers of Shepard Fairey and Invader. The gallery is known in the New York art scene seamlessley crossover between fine art and street art. The show will feature original ink on paper works, carvings and letterpress prints as well as a few exclusive collaborations with New York artists and musicians.

Jonathan levine kai and sunny

12 November 2014

The Book of Gold Leaves

The Book of Gold Leaves by Mirza Waheed is a heartbreaking love story set in a war torn Kashmir, Kerry Hyndman's illustration of the fleeing couple accompanies a review in the Financial Times

Kerry Hyndman FT

10 November 2014

Control Screens

Ahoy There brings to life the bubbly, bright, pop elements of the world of television in this illustratration for L'Express Magazine about the successes and failures of certain television programmes on French television.

Ahoy there l'express

7 November 2014


Stephen Collins has the most amazing knack of adding hilarious amounts of personailty with the smallest brush stroke. These highly strung starlings popping prozac were for an editorial piece in the Radio Times.

Stephen Collins Radio Times

5 November 2014

Wild Things

Lynnie Zulu has an exhibition at Brighton's No Walls gallery opening this week. The space is gaining a reputation for exhibiting exciting up and coming talent, with a focus on graphic art, so we're pleased to see Lynnie's riotous paintings will be gracing their walls. The show will feature femmes fatales, strident extroverts, pensive introverts and optimistic dreamers set against relentlessly bold, patterned backgrounds. The show runs from the 8th to the 23rd November.

Lynnie exhibition