17 April 2015

Follow Your Dreams

Typographic, scrawly words of wisdom from Ulla Puggard in Tomorrow's Journal.

Ulla Tomorrow's Journal

16 April 2015

When We're Young

Telegramme designed this gorgeous poster for Delve Weekly to celebrate the release of the film 'When We're Young'. Prints are available to buy at the Delve shop. Also, there's only a couple of days left to check out Telegramme's pop up shop in Old Street Station!

telegramme when we were young

15 April 2015

Play With Oreo

Maria Ramondsdotter created these mad characters as part of Oreo's #playwithoreo campaign. They've got a blog crammed with ideas of things you can do with the humble oreo, encouraging fans to get involved! The Oreo cookie character creator lets you pick and mix clothes, features and accessories to create your own cookie character.

Raymondsdotter oreo

14 April 2015

Mad Men

Stan Chow's illustration for Time Magazine celebrating the beginning of the end of Mad Men.

Stan Chow mad men

13 April 2015

Pigs In Mud

Sugar Snap Studio turns her hand to some packaging design. Marshamllow... check... chocolate... check... cute little sugar snap piggies.... check. These guys will be flying off the shelves. Bring on summer time!

sugar snap pigs in mud

10 April 2015


Stephen Collins' cover for the Guardian Review about fantasy literature, including a very ferocious looking dragon and a Lord of the Rings inside front cover style map crossed with the kind of map you get in National Trust gardens to help you find the loos. Conceptual.

Stephen Collins guardian Review

9 April 2015

Pet Plans and Pop-ups

Telegramme created some spot illustrations for Pet Plan's magazine 'Pet People'. The article, about pets with weird phobias, features a series of simple and succinct spot illustrations as well as a full page typographic title page in the style of a fifties horror film poster or comic book. In other news, Telegramme paper co. will be hosting a pop up shop in Old Street station for a week!

Telegramme pet people

8 April 2015

Lou Beach

Have a rummage through your record collection and you might find a bit of Lou Beach in there. Lou is one of the greatest living collage artists and has created work for some of the worlds biggest and best record labels, magazines and newspapers, and now he's being represented by the CIA.

Lou Beach new

7 April 2015

Aquarelle Publishing

Kate Miller was commissioned by Aquarelle Publishing to produce four city themed bespoke prints. Aquarelle produce small editions of high quality prints for artists such as Quentin Blake, Dick Bruna and various other fine artists and illustrators. Get a bit of Kate on your walls!

Kate Aquarelle

6 April 2015

Billy Goats Gruff

A book cover designed by Sugar Snap Studio. Spring IS coming!

billy goats