27 March 2015

Anna Higgie

It's been a busy few months here at CIA with a flurry of new artists joining the roster, the latest is Anna Higgie. Anna grew up in sunny Australia but has since settled in slightly less sunny Bristol. With a degree in fine art from the National Art School in Sydney, she's an impeccable draughtswoman with a flair for combining luminous realism with confident brush and pencil marks. With clients like Penguin, The Guardian and Bloomingdales under her belt and a folio that spans from high fashion to editorial work, it's that versatile elegance which made her stand out from the crowd.

Anna Higgie new

26 March 2015

Gates and Hopp

Benjamin Wachenje's portrait of Bill Gates and Dietmar Hopp, who together revolutionised the pharmaceutical idustry, on the cover of Swiss business magazine Bilanz this month.

Ben wachenje bilanz

25 March 2015

Dazzle Ferry

Sir Peter Blake made the trip up to Liverpool to catch his first glimse of the Dazzle Ferry which he designed as a commission for the Liverpool Biennale and Tate Liverpool. The Ship has been brightening up Cammell Laird’s dry dock in Birkenhead over the past few weeks until it goes back into service as the Mersey ferry. Visitors who board the Snowdrop can learn more about the history of dazzle camouflage and the role that the Mersey Ferries took in the First World War.

Dazzle Ferry

24 March 2015

St John's Ambulance

Here's a sneak peak at a couple of spreads from Sugar Snap Studio's new book made for St John's ambulance, 'The pen that lost his lid'. Our protagonist 'Pen' has lost his best friend in the world; Lid. We follow Pen's momentous journey to find his pal, who it turns out, has been swallowed by a baby. The story aims to inform parents with how to deal with a choking baby in a informal and memorable way. The campaign so far has helped to save over 21 lives... That's right folks, illustrations saving lives!

Sugar snap St Johns

23 March 2015

The Human Epoch

Alberto Seveso's cover for Nature Outlook Magazine. The headline article discusses the recently devised 'Anthropocene', the new geological age we now live in due to the extent to which human beings have altered the planet's environment. Complex stuff. There's also plenty of new updates on Alberto's folio, so a perfect time to have a look.

Alberto nature outlook

20 March 2015

Christian Northeast

We have another new artist for you to have a gander at this week. Christian Northeast… with a name like that he could be straight out of a 1950s comic book and his work has a similar warmth and textural quality to evoke that bygone era. His collages have appeared on book covers, billboards and bottles of booze and he's worked with everyone from Nickelodeon to the New York Times. He lives up in Ontario, Canada with wife, kids and a very photogenic dog.

Christian Northeast new

19 March 2015

See the world through a child's eyes

Our friends over at the Museum of Childhood (take a look at the 'projects' section of the site to see our previous work with them) have the most insanely brilliant ad campaign on the go. Devised by the ad agency AMV, the artists were asked to create an illustration responding to a feature in the environment. There are whales loitering around water fountains, spacemen floating around on walls and snakes weaving through railway arches. We're totally biased but our favourite has to be Mick Marston's beady eyed crab. Spot him lurking up on Bow Road.

Mick Marston crab

18 March 2015

Hail Mary!

Mark Thomas has been working with the author Malcolm Pryce for many years now on his series of Aberystwyth novels, so it was a nice change to start work on a new brief and a new style for his latest offering. Published by Bloomsbury, Mark not only worked on the charming, vintage illustration but also the typography and border designs.

Mark Thomas hail mary

17 March 2015

Dubai Expo

It's a double whammy of duos! Both Kai & Sunny and Good Wives and Warriors were invited to take part in a project for the Expo 2020 Dubai. The artists had to create imagery based on themes of opportunity, mobility and sustainability. The illustrations are showcased on bespoke installations located in public spaces around the UAE. Each structure is accompanied by its own interactive touch screen where you can explore the topics and meet the artists. There are a couple of fab videos of the artists discussing their work in progress with some very sexy slo-mo camera effects, not to be missed!

Dubai expo

16 March 2015

Westin Hotels

Sugar Snap studio has developed these charming little icons for the Westin Hotels Kids club. The work will appear worldwide on their signage, exercise books, t-shirts, stationery, and the website. FUN!

Sugar snap westin