31 August 2016

My Eyes On You

BONJOUR! It's all eyes on Kai and Sunny this month who are exhibiting their solo exhibition at Colette, Paris until 24th September. If you fancy a long weekend, or are indeed a Parisian make sure you fix your eyes on this stunning work. 

30 August 2016


Lets give a toast to Telegramme and their upcoming shop launch. 

Helping us cling onto the summer with self initated work that we can only describe as the taste of freedom. Cheers!

29 August 2016

Mdme Figaro

Mick Brownfield has mastered elegance with this set of sequential illustrations for a feature about famous people 'up close' in Madame Figaro. His fluid pen marks out this glamorous and seductive story of famous lives behind the lens perfectly. Here's a teaser!

26 August 2016

A Novel Idea

Mick Marston has bagged himself a regular spot with L'express illustrating a weekly novel. This is last weeks splendid vector graphic efforts! Full of character and the kind of cheeky style we can only expect from this whippet loving design master. Delectable. 

25 August 2016

Boojy Bar

Jonny Wan doesn't stop teasing us with his incredible use of colour and decorative details, he's got us hankering after a fruity cocktail and a bowl of nuts. A beauitful illustration from his personal project stash that we couldn't help but share - because everyone wants a seat in this bar!


24 August 2016

Glorious Shield

Lesley Buckingham's loose yet seductively sumptuous water colour style is looking fine. There's such ease in her bursh marks - yet the rich colour and detail remain to create a decorative piece. Pleasantly autumnal too, what a treat!

23 August 2016

Beat The Grime

Tatiana Boyko's carved out some street style for Stylist Magazine, illustrating an article on the woes of commuting, pollution and how this affects our daily skin routine. There's such an appealing dynamic between the swaying tree and lady in the bottom right. Kudos Tatiana! 

22 August 2016


Jonny Wan is looking fruity for Amex's Departures Magazine, with some buoyant colours and decorative detail showcasing the various features of Amazon's newly launched ai Alexa. We're sold!

19 August 2016


Kerry Hyndman is piecing together some extraordinary tales from the wild.

Her graphic, textured visuals depict some exciting scenes from David Long's book, published by faber and faber. Swimming with Snakes? That's brave.

18 August 2016

Summer Scenes

Andy Singleton - famously the best paper crafter in town- has been busy creating some playful and quite honestly stunning summer scenes for Westfield Shopping Centre. Look out for this luxury paper sculpture, it's been splurged on the side of London buses!

Andy Singleton Summer paper illustration