21 October 2016

Never Hide

Ray Ban have the right idea for promoting their cool shades. Ben Fearnley's probably the most exciting 3D artist out there. Packed full of punch and unfathomable shapes, we like the crops of this poster just as much as the full scale. Nice Job. 

20 October 2016


'SURVIVORS - extraordinary tales from the wild and beyond' is published by Faber & Faber and written by David Long and it's out today.

Kerry Hyndman has illustrated the entire book with simply stunning examples of her textural, delicately crafted digital layers. Here's your insight into some of the dangers faced by the brave folk who lived to tell the tale. See more on Kerry's folio!

19 October 2016

Fire! Fire!

350 years ago one of the most infamous disasters struck London – the Great Fire of 1666. Experience the destruction of London through the eyes of people who were there at the time, explore the evidence for yourself and find out how the city rose from the ashes in this interactive exhibition.

Artwork designed by linocut champion Chris Brown


18 October 2016

Wibble Wobble

Mark Thomas has designed a retro stamp filled with nostalgia and childhood longing. The Jersey Post who are commemorating their inception with a series of stamps celebrating the various decades, Mark's illustration was asked to contribute to the 1950's set. Wibble Wobble, Wibble Wobble, Jelly on a plate!

17 October 2016

Grow Up

Maria Raymonsdotter has illustrated an article in Parents Magazine USA highlighting 75 ways to be a grown up. The Good news is apparently there's a lot of blagging involved. Who'd a thought it. 

14 October 2016

Bobby D

A big hands together for Bob Dylan and his Nobel prize, a well deserved credit to a man who strived for great freedom of expression in the poetry of his music. CIA Stan Chow's slick illustrated portrait pays a worthy tribute!


13 October 2016

Join the Party!

CIA had a splendid evening outing to see Michael Clark's new performance at the Barican theatre last night. We spotted Parko Polo's exuberant illustration and Tess couldn't help but to join in the party! Top show, top venue, top artwork. 

12 October 2016


Van Van 2016 returned to the streets of Barcelona, hailed as one of the greatest street food fetsivals in the emblematic city. With 100,000 attendees we think it fit to toast to Tatiana Bokyo's enticing artwork! A sure-fire way to get people to your party.

11 October 2016


It ain't going to be a chore working with this guy.


He's worked for an impressive range of clients including Adidas, Activision, Edgar Wright, Manga UK, Paramount Pictures, Picturehouse Cinemas, Playstation, Twitter, Wired and Working Title. His powerfully cinematic, painterly illustrations capture the emotional core of any scene or portrait. Combining digital and analogue techniques Sam's work has been featured in books, magazines, comics and exhibitions worldwide. And to top it all off he's pretty funny too. 

10 October 2016


We've been treated to some new visuals from dynamite artist Mario Wagner. Mario is experimenting with a clean cut graphic visual focussing on shapes and colour sysnonymous with sporty advertising campaigns. Impressively demonstrated. It's always prudent to test your skills out.