6 March 2015

Chinese New Year

Jonny Wan worked alongside art director Lou Weiss and illumination design agency RAMUS on this huge project to celebrate Chinese New Year in Sydney. The interactive screens allowed users to engage with the project and learn more about their zodiac signs. It basically just boils down to Jonny's zodiac animals being totally brilliant in their simplicity.

Jonny Wan New Year

5 March 2015

20 Things that happened

Congratulations to the Brosmind brothers on their IF award for their 20 Things illustration for SYZYGY. The brief was to create an image containing clues to 20 things that happened on the internet in 2013. It's still one of our favourite images and totally deserving of an award!

Brosmind IF

4 March 2015

Join the Dots

Nifty little Citroen ad by Jitesh Patel!

Jitesh citroen

3 March 2015

Alice Pattullo joins CIA

A Brighton graduate now working in East London, Alice is an artist with research at the heart of her practice, her print works are crammed with detail and authentic heritage. "I am a collector (hoarder) of all sorts of junk which I display on cluttered shelves wherever possible - I think this process is reflected in my compositions which tend to adopt a policy of more is more...". Keep an eye out for her prints in the V&A shop and Libertys and a fully illustrated Jane Austin book on the way! Welcome abord Alice...

Alice Pattullo new

27 February 2015

Curated By...

Jackie Parsons was invited by Sheffield Hallam University to go up to visit and impart some of her wealth of knowledge upon it's lucky students. They created this ENORMOUS poster to advertise the lecture, featuring lots of her wonderful collage work.

Jackie Lecture

26 February 2015

The Big Day

We love this creative use of typography in a Special K ad (my personal breakfast cereal of choice) by Sarah J Coleman. Simple, subtle and truly elegant. 

Special K

25 February 2015

The Martian Chronicles

The Folio society never ever drop the ball. This deliciously rich, colourful collection of short stories contains nine full colour illustrations and a retro/futuristic foil blocked cover design by Mick Brownfield. A classic piece of literature and an essential for any sci-fi fan.

Mick Brownfield Martian

24 February 2015

A Close Shave

Slick, dramatic editorial work by Matt Taylor for GQ Magazine.

Matt taylor shave

23 February 2015

Horsin' Around

Telegramme have begun producing hand-painted typograhic signs. These could have been salvaged straight from a saloon in the wild west and would look great on any living room wall or would make an exciting addition to a restaurant decor. Telegramme are masters at achieving that authentic time worn look coupled with an natural affiliation with retro typography... these are the real deal.

Telegramme signs

20 February 2015

Magnificent Obsessions

Rose Blake's print, entitled 'Riding into the past, with my dad, on the back of his toy elephant collection' was produced for the Barbican for their Magnificent Obsessions exhibition which features her father, Sir Peter Blake's collection of Elephants. Available to buy at the Barbican shop. It's a family affair!

Rose elephants