21 October 2014

Waitrose Crows

Lesley Buckingham has been bringing a sense of Gothic malice to the usually cheery Waitrose Magazine with these eerie crow illustrations. Horror season is on its way!

waitrose crows

20 October 2014

An Alphabet of England

Chris Brown has been quietly toiling away at a book these past few months which reflects upon his life travelling around the country along roads less travelled. No stone is left unturned in this portrait of the unsung corners of the British Isles. You can follow his progress on his facebook page here.

Christopher Brown Alphabet

17 October 2014


Jakob Hinrichs brings his signature surrealism and chaos to an article in L'Express, a French weekly news magazine, discussing the successes of French authors around the world. I for one would LOVE to read a novel written by a blue French elephant in spectacles.

Jakob L'express

16 October 2014

AOI Illustration Awards

Congratulations to Harriet Russel, who was selected as a winner at the recent AOI awards in the Research and knowledge communication category for her work with COOP, Italy. Her clear, concise and cheerful illustration helps to explain ideas about sustainable living to school children as part of the Sapere COOP project. 

Harriet Russel COOP

15 October 2014

Kerry Hyndman joins the CIA

Kerry Hyndman came in to see us last week with her portfolio of rich, textured and layered illustrations and maps... and we loved them! So lo and behold, here she is! Kerry works from a studio in Peckham, South London and has an MA from Kingston under her belt. Her previous client list, including The Times and Guinness proves her credentials, as if we needed any convincing!

Kerry Hyndman

14 October 2014

Whisky, not Whiskey

I learnt today that Scotch Whisky is absolutely not spelt with an 'e' in it (that would be it's American cousin Bourbon). I get the impression Jill Calder is a lady that shares a passion for her native beverage along with Benromach, for whom she created these little spot illustrations, to explain the history and process behind the handcrafted single malt Scotch. She has also designed a logo and packaging for the distillery.

jill calder benromach

13 October 2014

Your Favourite Tipple

Thinking Drinkers is a book which delves into the darkest corners of the gin palace and speakeasy to give you a concise history of alcoholic beverages in all their glorious forms. Martin Haake has illustrated its 'enlightened' (and possibly alcoholic) authors in his vintage collage style for the cover, as well as various distinguished drinking personalities along the way. 

Martin Haake drinking

10 October 2014

We're eating our way to disaster

Apparently 67% of men and 57% of women in the UK are either overweight or obese, according to the Global Burden of Disease Study. MH Jeeves is holding up the mirror infront of us all with this madly grotesque depiction of British gluttony. Although, as she says "a little bit of fat makes it easier to stay warm in winter". 

MH Jeeves fat

9 October 2014

The Simple Bard

The Folio Society commissioned Jonathan Gibbs to produce a set of wood engravings to illustrate a Robert Burns poem in their monthly 'Folio' publication. The monochrome engravings have been used as a delicate backdrop, illustrating the British landscape and echoing the harsh bitterness of the North.

Jonathan Gibbs folio

8 October 2014

241 Maracana Stadiums

Ray Smith is another of our artists recently to see their work brought to life. His characters, landscapes and infographics have been brought together in this animation for the BBC, demonstrating the successes of their coverage of the World Cup.

ray smith bbc