27 May 2016

Generation Z

We are living in an unusual age, iPhones are now an extension of our arm and we feel lost without an immediate connection to an online network. Here's Kate Miller for The Washington Post illustrating an article about growing up in the age of 'likes, lols and longing' and what this means for youngsters. I suppose if you have never known any different, then a 'like' on your instagram feed is probably the equivalent to saying hello to somebody in the playground...?

26 May 2016

Vanity Fumes

The wonderful Tatiana Boyko is creating an illustrious relationship with the fashion and beauty industry. Vanity Fair commissioned 8 spot illustrations for different brands of perfume, Their June issue is now available to buy in stores so grab yourself a copy and gaze upon this sensual colour pallette!

25 May 2016

iPad Wizzardry

Kristy Kay is new on the books, and there's nothing like her fluid finger painting iPad wizzardy! Her work is a harmonious blend of digital process and emotive hand-made marks. Often capturing scenes whilst out on location, she works quickly in real time giving her work a sense of immediacy and vibrant energy. Enjoy...

23 May 2016

A Bristol Record

Anna Higgie's confident pencil marks send us swirling into the streets of Bristol, in her record sleeve designed for music project 'A Bristol Record'.

If you've ever visited this cultural hotspot you'll be familiar with the diverse street culture- illustrated here in delicate detail!

20 May 2016

Batman Matt

Matt Taylor spends his days drawing colourful, psychedelic, Americana inspired illustrations with a nod to classic comic books ar of the fifties and sixties, and he's top of the list for film poster artwork! Today we are taking a look back to this classic batman, an officially licensed screen printed poster produced for the 75th anniversary gallery show at Mondo Gallery.


Keep an eye out for his folio update...

19 May 2016

CGI Type

He's our new guy and he's a type maestro and never stops honing his CGI skills. Take a look at this incredible 3D typographic illustration and try and work out how the hell Ben Fearnley does it...

18 May 2016

Open Studios

The lovely lino-cutting Claire Melinsky will be sharing her studios with you from May 28th - 30th. There will be a mixture of work on show and for sale including some penguin book covers in memory of The Bard's recent birthday. In the beautiful and remote corner of south west Scotland. Ninety studios in Dumfries and Galloway will be open over the Bank Holiday weekend. 


Find out locations and more info at www.spring-fling.co.uk


17 May 2016

Holy Doughnuts - it's Toby Leigh!

A big hello and warm welcome to a pretty funny guy, who likes to draw and who's finally entered the fold. Toby has worked as an illustrator for over ten years and racked up an impressive and broad client list. He makes little comics, punchy sometimes paunchy editorial characters, posters, book covers, tea towels and it all begins with a 0.3mm mechanical pencil. You can see what we're all excited about on our website and follow him on twitter for a glimpse inside his comic mind. 

16 May 2016

Rappers Delight

It's a self-confessed dream project for music fan Dale Edwin Murray. He was invited by Complex to expertly illustrate who they deem the best rapper of the year, every year since 1979. What an achievement! You can see the full set in chronological order over here.

13 May 2016


Gregory Porter, A 6'3" colossus singer, and hailed as the 'New Nat King Cole' has been 'Stan Chowed' in the latest issue of The Economist. Stanley's iconic portraiture style spans across a multitude of familiar faces, in his effortlessly crafted digital layers- this ones another goody to add to the repertoire!