24 August 2016

Glorious Shield

Lesley Buckingham's loose yet seductively sumptuous water colour style is looking fine. There's such ease in her bursh marks - yet the rich colour and detail remain to create a decorative piece. Pleasantly autumnal too, what a treat!

23 August 2016

Beat The Grime

Tatiana Boyko's carved out some street style for Stylist Magazine, illustrating an article on the woes of commuting, pollution and how this affects our daily skin routine. There's such an appealing dynamic between the swaying tree and lady in the bottom right. Kudos Tatiana! 

22 August 2016


Jonny Wan is looking fruity for Amex's Departures Magazine, with some buoyant colours and decorative detail showcasing the various features of Amazon's newly launched ai Alexa. We're sold!

19 August 2016


Kerry Hyndman is piecing together some extraordinary tales from the wild.

Her graphic, textured visuals depict some exciting scenes from David Long's book, published by faber and faber. Swimming with Snakes? That's brave.

18 August 2016

Summer Scenes

Andy Singleton - famously the best paper crafter in town- has been busy creating some playful and quite honestly stunning summer scenes for Westfield Shopping Centre. Look out for this luxury paper sculpture, it's been splurged on the side of London buses!

Andy Singleton Summer paper illustration

17 August 2016

Food Stories

Harriet Taylor Seed has produced a charming series of illustrations for 'Les Contes de la Table', by Massimo Montanari, published by Editions du Seuil in France. This tactile publication tells stories about food and it's part in history. Harriets delicacy in style and considered application make an appealing narrartive with quirky characters!

16 August 2016

Comon' Marrs!

Tim Marrs and his frenzy of media have illustrated the match day program for Arsenal. You can also spot this on the new online digital format...it didn’t inspire the team to a win but at least they went down in style!

15 August 2016


The English Heritage Guide to London Blue Plaques is an exciting edition taking you round the lives and homes of London's most interesting inhabitants. Maria Raymonsdotter is helping us keep our eyes on the history with her playful figures and skillful line work!

12 August 2016


We spotted this charming illustration by Alice Pattullo, featured on Red Magazine for their horoscope section and couldn't resist sharing it with you. A very tasty colour pallette and some delicious trancluscent layers,..is it ok to admit it's making us hungry though? 



11 August 2016

Great Shakes

Ahoy There aka Ross Crawford, our top graphic guy has whipped up a textral delight for the New Scientist. A fiesty cover alluding to the idea that virtual reality and the internet is slipping too far from our control. I'm not sure it'll stop any of us catching Pokemon though...