27 April 2015

Isle of Man

A new map by Kerry Hyndman for the Telegraph with interactive elements, letting you explore the island and it's wealth of historic sights and outdoor activities. Kerry has dicovered a new love of drawing castles after this commission, more castles for Kerry please!

Kerry Isle of Man

24 April 2015

Flora Magica

I need to get my hands on a deck of these beauties! 52 individually designed fantasy florals by Aitch made into a tidy little deck of cards. Magical!

Aitch cards

23 April 2015

Dark Horse

Dark Horse is a new classic British underdog style tale directed by Louise Ormond and produced by the BFI about a racing horse from one of the poorest mining towns in Wales who goes on to take on the 'sport of kings' elite. Richard Wilkinson's illustrated poster captures the humor and character of the rag tag Dream Alliance. In cinema's now!

Dark Horse

22 April 2015

101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die

Ricardo Cavolo has an eclectic music taste to say the least, and when we say eclectic we mean everything from Mozart to Mos Def. He's produced a book with one of our favourite publishers, Nobrow, titled '101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die'. There's also a show happening at Atomica Gallery in London to celebrate the launch. Get down there tomorrow night and get your book signed by the man himself. The show runs until the 9th May... not to be missed!

Ricardo 100 artists

20 April 2015

On yer bike!

Simon Spilsbury madness all over the pages of Cycling Plus magazine this month.

Spilsbury cycling

17 April 2015

Follow Your Dreams

Typographic, scrawly words of wisdom from Ulla Puggard in Tomorrow's Journal.

Ulla Tomorrow's Journal

16 April 2015

When We're Young

Telegramme designed this gorgeous poster for Delve Weekly to celebrate the release of the film 'When We're Young'. Prints are available to buy at the Delve shop. Also, there's only a couple of days left to check out Telegramme's pop up shop in Old Street Station!

telegramme when we were young

15 April 2015

Play With Oreo

Maria Ramondsdotter created these mad characters as part of Oreo's #playwithoreo campaign. They've got a blog crammed with ideas of things you can do with the humble oreo, encouraging fans to get involved! The Oreo cookie character creator lets you pick and mix clothes, features and accessories to create your own cookie character.

Raymondsdotter oreo

14 April 2015

Mad Men

Stan Chow's illustration for Time Magazine celebrating the beginning of the end of Mad Men.

Stan Chow mad men

13 April 2015

Pigs In Mud

Sugar Snap Studio turns her hand to some packaging design. Marshamllow... check... chocolate... check... cute little sugar snap piggies.... check. These guys will be flying off the shelves. Bring on summer time!

sugar snap pigs in mud