16 April 2014

The Thinker

We've been hard at work updating the CIA site with loads of inspiring new illustrations by our throng of artists. One folio that's packed with recent work is Gary Neill's and if you want to see a conceptual master at work you really should take a look. Gary does for illustration what great writers do for the English language, reminding us what can be achieved when the root idea is fully resolved and then articulated with such clarity that we can't imagine how it could be stated better.


His images tend to deliver an immediate graphic punch but also offer playful, engaging details the longer you look at them so if your brief requires an approach that stops Jo Public in their tracks and then, once stopped, conveys a cleverly crafted message, take a look at Gary's work right here.

Gary Neill

15 April 2014

Going up in the world…

The O2 is famed for putting on some pretty spectacular sights within it's distinctive domed shell, but the views from the exterior are pretty sensational too as the wonderful Mads Berg illustrates in this brand new campaign from our friends at VCCP.


So if you've got the legs for it, you too can scale the summit of one of London's great landmarks - head for heights required, crampons not.

Mads Berg

10 April 2014

A Life in Lino Cuts

We, at CIA Towers, are privileged to represent an extremely diverse range of illustrators from the slickest of 3D renderers to the stickiest of painters. Among our traditional media artists is the wonderful print maker Clare Melinsky and one of the joys of working with a craft-based medium is that not only is the creative thought process fascinating, but the physical process of making is pretty magical too.


Clare is giving a talk about her work and also a live printing demonstration which if you have a penchant for this kind of work really shouldn't be missed. Alongside countless design and advertising commissions, a couple of her publishing projects have been re-covering the works of Shakespeare for Penguin and the Harry Potter series for Bloomsbury.


The event is on 24th April, 6-8pm at James Harvey British Art in Chelsea.

Clare Melinsky

8 April 2014


Matt Taylor's been hard at it again continuing a series of movie poster illustrations with Mondo Tees. This new release sees him tackling the sticky-fingered spandex superhero Spiderman to accompany the sequel that's hitting London's big screens round about now.


See more of Matt's work right here...

Matt Taylor

7 April 2014

Going Underground

During our coffee, croissants and Bon Maman this last Saturday morning, we were treated to a weekend dose of the lovely Jessie Ford in the Guardian. The magazine's "What Lies Beneath" article delved into the creepy crawly world of the UK's latest endangered environment - soil! Yep, times up for mud it would seem, it's either being washed away by floods or compacted by overgrazing. Bad news for worms but an excuse for a rather beautiful illustration!

Jessie Ford

2 April 2014

Good Gods!

If there's one thing that gets Jonny Wan's creative juices flowing it's a good old fashioned deity, specifically those of Ancient Egypt it would seem. He's combined this intellectual passion with his love of all things Art Deco and illustrated those Pharaohs' favourites Anubis, Osiris and Horus, retaining their mythology but with a Deco makeover.


Here's Anubis, the jackal-headed guardian of the dead and Lord of the Underworld. Ever feel like you're walking around with a heavy heart? Well, Anubis would be able to confirm that for you, he weighs hearts you know…


Jonny's figurative work really is very striking, see more right here.

Jonny Wan

31 March 2014

Bright Lights, Little Piccadilly

Okay everyone, try and stay calm but we have a world's first! McDonald's iconic advertising sign has been part of the fabric of London's equally iconic Piccadilly Circus for over 20 years and now, thanks to Leo Burnett knocking on our door, Stanley Chow has illustrated the world's first digital advertising screen to be fully interactive 24/7, 365 days a year. Stan produced thousands of elements to create a possible 300 million character combinations so get down there, build yourself and wave to your very own dancing avatar on the big screen!

Stanley Chow

31 March 2014

Another Planet

Readers of the classic book may remember that HG Wells set the opening scenes of War of the Worlds in, wait for it, Woking! So it's only appropriate that the Lightbox Gallery in the aforementioned Surrey town has been holding an exhibition marking the impact that early science fiction writers had on popular culture. Our very own Chris McEwan has been an integral part of this show with a series of original illustrations and his own personal collection of toy robots.


You can see Chris McEwan's folio right here...

Chris McEwan

28 March 2014

Christmas comes early at CIA!

Our postman delivered a special treat today... The Folio Society published a book called A Traveller's Christmas which was richly illustrated by the inimitable Paul Slater and today his original paintings were returned to CIA Towers for us to enjoy - and they are beeeeautiful!


So on this crisp, bright Friday afternoon, here's a taster of what we've been gazing at...

Paul Slater

26 March 2014


For those of you unfamiliar with Popshot Magazine - snap out of it! A beautifully designed and illustrated literary periodical that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the literary new blood.


Their latest offering, The Journeys Issue, has been covered by Darren Hopes who wanted to encompass the idea of both mental and physical journeys through the world and our own lives. 

darren hopes