25 July 2014

DIY don't.

Stephen Collins has drawn this hilarious mini comic for the Guardian, touching on a subject close to the hearts of us all. Now, step away from the Polyfiller... 

Stephen Collins DIY

24 July 2014

Getting Ahead of the Game.

A few of our illustrators have produced headers for the Le Book newsletter. Firstly, Ahoy There's typographic 'Splash', then Ray Smith's cheeky 'Portraits', and finally Rose Blake's reflective 'interiors' piece. Sign up to the newsletter yourself for a regular dose of industry inspiration and more headline-stealing headers.

Le Book

23 July 2014

Stamp Collecting

The Commonwealth Games have been keeping our artists busy. Tim Marrs has produced this vivid set of stamps for the Royal Mail to commemorate the event. They'll certainly be a highlight of his two decade-long stamp collection (oh yes…) Keep your eyes peeled for them on a parcel near you!

Tim Marrs Royal Mail

22 July 2014

Raising a toast to Royal Mile Whiskey

After a visit to the Royal Mile Whiskey shop in Edinburgh (which, as far as meetings go, seems a pretty damn good place to have one), Sarah J Coleman went home to design a new identity and bottle labels for the shop and their distillery. She came up with these elegant, personalised typographic pieces, and then wrote a lovely blog post about her creative process. Cheers!

Sarah J Coleman Whiskey

21 July 2014

Quality, style and Heritage for Brooks.

Ulla Puggard has created some new illustrations for the historical bicycle saddle manufactrer Brooks. A truly 'Made in England' commission for a very international illustrator.



Ulla Puggard Brooks

18 July 2014

Members Only

Rose Blake has done a series of illustrations for The Groucho Club, famous for it's celebrity membership and extensive art collection. We're enjoying the little bit of CIA/family meta illustration going on with her little characters gathered around a piano painted by Sir Peter Blake.

rose blake gaucho

17 July 2014

Kai and Sunny's Latest book Jacket

The inimitable Kai and Sunny have another book jacket under their belt. They've most recently stamped their brand of monochrome magic on the Southern Reach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer. 'Authority' is the latest in the series to be released by Harper Collins.

Kai Sunny Authority

16 July 2014

Richard Wilkinson's been saving the Pandas

Richard has jut completed this piece for New Scientist magazine discussing whether to priotise conservation efforts for certain high risk species. We're not sure how these chaps got into this particular predicament but they might be in for a bit of a shock down at the Docks.

Richard Wilkinson New Scientist

16 July 2014

Telegramme at the races.

Telegramme has been commissioned by Dunlop to design a poster for an exhibition celebrating the history of Le Mans endurance race. Bobby brings back an air of style to the whole affair with a depiction of the race in 1924 when Dunlop secured their first ever win. The exhibition will be on for one day only at 71a galley on Leonard Street on 22nd July, from 6.30-9.30pm. Cheers.

Telegramme Dunlop

10 July 2014

Behind the Scenes with Good Wives and Warriors

They say two heads are better than one, Becky and Louise of Good Wives and Warriors have made a couple of videos explaining just why that is. They're promoting a new book cover design they've completed for Random House for The Incarnations by Susan Barker. It's a beautiful piece... so come on in, put the kettle on, and meet the makers themselves.


Watch the videos here and here.

Good Wives and Warriors