20 August 2014

This is our Momento

Brothers in arms illustration duo Brosmind have a retrospective of their work on at centre d'Art la Panera, just outside Barcelona. Wander through the wild, wonderful world of their commercial illustration work alongside personal multidisciplinary projects. Catch them there until September 7th.

brosmind exhibition

19 August 2014

Welcome to Sheffield

Jonny Wan hails from Sunny sheffield. As a tribute to the city of his formative years he's designed a coat of arms to celebrate its history and eccentricities, featuring in particular; steel production and big burly men.



jonny wan arms

18 August 2014

Two for the price of One

Stanley Chow AND Richard Wilkinson have both produced portraits for Intelligent Life Magazine's 'Inspiring Innovators' issue. Mother Theresa and James Brown have probably had little in common in the past, they've now thankfully been united under the roof of absolute CIA blog love.

Stan Richard Intelligent life

15 August 2014

Making Moves

Gary Neill has been toiling away at animating some of his editorial illustrations into simple but compelling GIFs with a view to them being used in digital and editorial publications and apps. This is illustration taking a bold leap into the digital age. He's set up a blog with a new one being added weekly.

Gary Neill gifs

14 August 2014

Ink and Paper

Jitesh Patel has been getting his hands dirty in the Print studio. He's printed these beautiful designs at Peckham Print Studio in London. They bring to mind The Festival of Britain and classic 1950s textiles, and you can't beat that hand printed texture. 

jitesh peckham print

13 August 2014

Future floral and Hugeunot history

After the success of their enormous Commonwealth Games mural, Good Wives and Warriors have taken to the walls again, this time for The Barbican's Ram Fashion Market. Taking influences from Hugeunot textiles of the 17th and 18th centuries and colour palettes of textiles historically produced in the area, they've created a spellbinding blend of local history and alien futuristic botanical illustration. 

Good wives barbican

12 August 2014

These Green Fingers

Toby and Pete have tried their hands at a spot of horticulture for their latest offering. This design for the book cover of 'The Darkest Part of the Forest' was created by hand with nothing but vegetation and nimble green fingers. Theres also a little time-lapse video on the website of those nimble fingers.

toby and pete forest

11 August 2014

Coleman for Kiehl's

In the spirit of all things organic and natural, Sarah J Coleman has created this small hand drawn illustration for the luxury skincare brand Kiehl's. You won't get any nasty additives in that bottle and no sneaky photoshop touch ups from Sarah's end either.

Sarah J coleman Kiehl's

7 August 2014

Beacons beckons

Bobby Telegramme, master of print and poster, has made this poster especially for Beacons festival in Yorkshire. Hand screen printed in three colours, it would be a gem on the walls of festival goes and vintage typography enthusiats alike.

Telegramme beacons

7 August 2014

Life's lessons

Carbon Studio have been working on a series of animated short films for the BBC iWonder website where you can learn about all sorts of handy things like cutting down your energy bills and dealing with pesky estate agents. I'm a firm believer in the expression 'every day is a school day' but we never got education videos quite like this at school! Check out all of Carbon's videos on Vimeo for the hi res experience.

Carbon Studio BBC