2 September 2015

Walk on the Wild side...

Who doesn't love a bit of David Attenborough? Or maybe snooping the internet for the cutest animals doing the silliest of things? Well, if you don't, look away now Scrooge...


Telegramme have stolen my heart this week by putting together a printed collection of their top 15 favourite wildlife animals. I've added my top 3 for you browsing pleasure but visit their site here and see all 15! Also, a pound from every sale is going to the WWF...



telegramme get wild

1 September 2015

Pop Art: A Colourful History

Arguably, Pop Art is the most important movement to happen in art. It brought art into the modern world, making it understandable, widely appreciated and above all, fun.


Names like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and of course, Sir Peter Blake continue to live on in the imagination! Alastair Sooke has created a new book which investigates deep into the world of Pop Art. Shedding light on these modern heroes as well earthing a few hidden gems.


The fantastic cover has been moulded together by CIA family member Sir Peter Blake. and is well worth a peep! Great book out on Penguin books now.



Sir Peter Blake - Pop Art a Colourful History

1 September 2015

Discover the world's greatest cities!

Berlin based Martin Haake has brought his folk art inspired illustrations to projects for Barnes and Noble, Elle and Penguin Books.


We love a creator of maps here at CIA and Martin's perspective bending catalogues are some of the finest around. So, cue his new project for Wide Eyed Editions - Map Atlas. Teaming up with Georgia Cherry, Martin gives you a whistle stop tour around the world's best cities!


It's pretty rainy here in London and this is the much-needed escape! It's available to order this week from Amazon here.

Martin Haake City Atlas

28 August 2015

Plain Sailing with Kate Miller

Kate Miller has a strong screen printing background which has patterned the way in which she illustrates. That heritage is no more highlighted than in her latest work for High Life, British Airways magazine.


Her work always uses colour in interesting ways and we love the shapes and textures which blend together on the page. A mixture of found imagery and new creation - this is some blue sky designing to be marvelled at in the air.


Kate Miller for British Airways

28 August 2015

Sir Peter Blake on BBC Radio 6

Oh, you didn't know? Radio 6 Music are holding a week-long celebration of Pop Art with some pretty spectacular shows honouring the artistic movement.


Our very own Sir Peter Blake is airing a show on Sunday, 30th August from 1.00pm - 2.00pm and you should absolutely tune in! It's an hour long special celebrating the career of Ian Dury, who Sir Peter Blake taught at Walthamstow Art College.

sir peter blake on ian dury

28 August 2015

Mike Wilks for Stylist

Mike Wilks' compositions are so rich in detail and colour you can definitely spend a good while looking, scanning and getting lost in the image.


His recent work for Stylist magazine is no different. One for our French readers out there but we can all marvel that absolutely beautiful images.

Mike Wilks for Stylist

27 August 2015

All Day I Dream About Sneakers

Stylist Magazine always work with great illustrators and today is no different! Spotted is a series of magnificent maps by Jitesh Patel sketching running routes around the streets of London and Manchester.


It's all in aid of the new Adidas Boost trainer! What better way to don a new pair of sneakers than trekking some pretty inspiring city circuits? Lace up those boots and load up on those carbs.


My personal favourite has to be the Lambeth city pop culture route. Starting at The Vaults in Waterloo and onto Brixton Village.

jitesh patel adidas shortlist

27 August 2015

Step Inside the Historium...

Katie Scott's Animalium was a riotous beginning to the Welcome to the Museum series by Big Picture Press. What could be more exciting than an open all hours pass to an exhibition of the world's most exotic creatures?


Well, I tell you what, Richard Wilkinson has teamed up with Big Picture Press to bring you something equally spectacular. 'Historium' presents 160 Ancient artefacts, housed between the loving pages of a beautiful hardback book.


You don't need to be a history geek like me to love this one! Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy....

Richard Wilkinson's Historium

26 August 2015

Robson in the Woods

Almost in reverse to the Kai Clement's interview we brought you yesterday is a new gif created by Graham Robson.


Graham has an on-going love with Henry Thoreau and, in particular, his seminal book Walden. Part biography, part philosophical tome and part survival manual Walden offers us a way of understanding society by withdrawing from it... So no Mediterranean treats for Graham...


Anyway. it's a beautiful image! Check it out!

graham robson walden

26 August 2015

Brosmind Adidas Takeover

The Mingarro brothers, our very own Brosmind have taken over the online accounts for Adidas Spain. They've been put their graphic spin on the lifestyle brands Instagram and Twitter platforms.


As always what comes out is the duo's sense of play, high colour and DIY arrangements. They've been making us laugh on a rainy week.

brosmind adidas